10 tips for your successful Nest integration



Hi Nest Developers,

The Developer Experience team is pleased to announce the launch of a new sample app and companion codelab.

The sample app is based on Python and also uses JavaScript and Jinja templates to demonstrate how to build a Works with Nest integration that follows best practices.


  • Secure your API credentials
  • Provide a structure picker
  • Listen and update fast
  • Handle Home/Away
  • Include confirmation and error messages
  • Remove cached data
  • Remove camera images
  • Handle deauth and revoked auth

The codelab walks you through each tip, showing you the important code snippets that do the “magic.”




In addition to this, we’ve just released a companion video series for the 10 Tips sample app and codelab.

You can find them on our Get Started documentation page, or directly on YouTube.

These are our first Works with Nest-specific videos targeted at developers, let us know if you have any feedback!