Access Nest data just using Username and Password


I successfully access the nest data using the Auth2.0, secret key, etc…from my arduino project, however the process to get the access token etc is impossible to be followed by a regular user. I have seen applications that can access the nest information just by providing the username and password of the nest account. I need to know how is this achieved. My project is based on Arduino and C#. A normal user should pass simple credential to the arduino unit to be connected to his home nest.
Please I need help on this. Let me know if need more clarification, I can explain more.


Hello, yes we have sample applications which demonstrate how to start the OAuth login flow so the user can login with their credentials, and then if they are authenticated and authorize your application (your application will receive an authorization token), you can access the Nest API with this token and show their Nest products.

We have some sample applications that use this OAuth2 authorization flow (however not in C#).

If you can provide some details we may be able to suggest the next steps.