Airwave Info in API


Why is the Airwave status and the “staging” not in the thermostat API.

Whould also be nice to have the heating/colling staging
My system is setup with a heat pump and a electic system.
Normal heating
stage 1 is Heatpump
stage 2 is Heatpump + 2 out of 5 electrict coil
stage 1 is 2 out of 5 electrict coil
stage 2 is 5 out of 5 coil.

I would like to know this info from de API.



Thank you for your feature request. The Nest API currently does not provide this ability. However, I have let our product team know about your request.

Thanks again,


I would also like to have access to the multi-stage heat/cool via the nest API. I asked about this a while ago:

I find it strange that more developers aren’t interested in this as a feature…