Android SDK - It doesn't fetch thermostats from structures if 1 structure hasn't thermostat


I’m using the latest NEST Android SDK (REST Streaming)

I have 3 scenarios:

  1. [1 Structure][1 Thermostat]
  2. [2 Structures][2 Thermostats (distributed)]
  3. [2 Structure][1 Thermostat (only in the first structure)]

Scenarios #1 and #2 work fine, but #3 doesn’t work. I added some listeners to be notified, but none of these listeners: global, structures, thermostats, devices are called (in scenario #3, in #1 and #2 work fine).

For some reason if i wait like a minute it works, suddenly the listener is called, but i don’t know why it’s too slow and why in some cases those listeners are never called.

Can you help me please.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Pablo, are you also using the Android SDK sample and Nest Simulator? Some of the samples have some prerequisites for devices and permissions but we can check into this 3rd scenario using the SDK sample.


hey Becky!

i’m using Nest Simulator

Left image has the structure = test_home and thermostat = Driveway Thermostat
The next structure is Miami but as you can see in the right image it doesn’t has a *thermostat.

I tested it using the sample app and also i tried to implement it… but it doesn’t work. The weird thing is that it was working fine with the old SDK (1.1.1 Firebase instead of REST Streaming). The bad thing about the old sdk is that it has some issues that the new sdk not.

I was testing and as soon as i create a new thermostat in Miami it starts working fine (in new SDK). Structure, devices, global listeners are called. Using the old sdk, it works perfectly in #1, #2, #3 scenarios.