API access to password for public_share_url


Would it be possible to add in Camera API possibility to change password that protects a publicly shared stream? Currently I think it’s only possible to change it using the web interface, which is not even close to manageable when you own ~100 nest cameras.
I would like to write a script that will change passwords to all my cameras on the daily basis.



Would it be possible to get the answer to this question ?

Please advice,
Thank you.


This is not something that will be added to the API, sorry. You have to manually change it through the website.


Thank you for your response.

I have counted today and I have currently 121 nest cameras organized across 9 accounts.
It really seems way beyond possibility to manage this manually, especially that I’d like to set different password to each camera and update them once a month. Given that changing one password requires like 10 clicks in the web interface I’d probably need to hire a full time employee who is only responsible for updating passwords and colporating them to the staff.

Please, can you suggest an alternative solution?