Api calls for /last_event/animated_image_url returns {}


Using the last events API call, trying to query specific events when I get a call from our door system to tie in a gif to it. The issue is when I do a last event call, EG


the only returns are

status is 200 OK

If I do just /laste_event/ i get more details

"has_sound": false,
"has_motion": true,
"has_person": true,
"start_time": "2017-09-18T23:21:28.970Z",
"end_time": "2017-09-18T23:21:41.346Z",
"urls_expire_time": "2017-10-18T23:21:28.970Z",
"web_url": "https://home.nest.com/cameras...",
"app_url": "nestmobile://cameras/..."


I assume as there is no animated image url or snapshot URL in that list it’s fair to assume I cannot get them, which makes sense, but why aren’t these present? Nest Aware is active for the camera (in fact all the cameras in our system)

any thought?


Make sure that your client’s permission is set to include images, e.g. “Camera + images read”, and not simple “Camera read”.


Yeah ininittially had it as just camera read but changed it. Does this change take a marked amount of time?


If your authorization occurred prior to changing your permission, you will need to “Allow” the updated permission for the change to affect the existing account. New authorizations should have the new permission.

See Manage Client Version


ooh ok, interesting