Api for cameras: web_url does not authenticate?


According to the api, this is the format of the “web_url” property:

I do get a url that looks like this (it’s very long), but it still requires me to login before being able to display the feed?

Am I mistaken in thinking that the “?auth=access_token” by itself should be sufficient to access a given camera feed from say, an incognito browser?


The access token in the url is NOT sufficient to access the camera feed. As this would make it available to anyone who happens to get the URL. The access token is used in conjunction with a valid login session, to match the user of the app to the user of the link. If the two match than authorization is granted and the user will be linked to the camera feed. If the two do not match, the user will simply be taken to the app home screen.


Ah gotcha.
I figured the sheer length of the URL was an indication that it was for granting temporary access or something.
So how come the web_url isn’t just the link you get from “home.nest.com”. Something like:


For security, all urls returned in API, are obfuscated.


Ah gotcha, thanks.

I was looking to replicate how Amazon’s Alexa works with Nest cams, basically showing the live stream without the controls + other interface stuff seen on home.nest.com

Do you know how that can be done?
Is it somehow using the “app_url” field instead of the “web_url”?

Nest Camera stream as HTML5 background video

This is currently not possible.


Ah so Alexa does it through special channels with Nest that regular developers don’t have access to?


That is correct, from what I know.


Ah gotcha, thanks so much!