API for hot water control? (3rd-gen Nest Thermostat)


The major new feature of the 3rd-gen Nest Thermostat was control of hot water systems. However, almost a year after its launch hot water control is still not exposed via the Cloud API. The hot water control functionality in the thermostat and iOS app is minimal, so there is a lot of scope for integrating with other devices and making the behaviour smarter.

Are there any plans to add hot water control to the API? If so, when?

Hot Water boost API - Is there one?

not sure here, let me try to find you an answer on what the behavior should be.



I am also quit interested in this, so i can interface this as well with my homeautomation system. for example

vacation = immediate boiler temp to 20 degrees

In addition it would be great to have the possibility to read out the presence detectors of the thermostat and protects, to use as motion detectors in house. so would it be possible to publish these sensors in the api as well?

thanks in advance.


The motion events don’t make it to the service in real-time and are used for building schedules. The Nest Protect only turns on periodically unless its in an emergency state.

We’ve taken the hot water boiler as a feature request however unfortunately don’t have a timeline for it. In the meantime we believe developers and users can benefit from using temperature setpoint and Home/Away to keep things comfortable.


Is there a Hot Water boost API available which I cant seem to find, or is there one on the horizon?


Am also interested in this, I have a Pi with some DS18B20’s monitoring the temp of my unvented tank.

Would be really handy if tank temp drops below x then poke api to turn hot water on for boost.

Nest Hot Water API

Just tried to code against the API for hot water on/off status information and nothing in the spec I can see.

Is there still no hot water information somewhere in the cloud API ?


Still no hot water control in the API. I’m not sure exactly when we will be able to address it but stay tuned to our newsletters!


I bought the most expensive device on the market specifically for integration with other services (Alexa, Google Home). Not having an API for half of the functions of the device (control temperature, control hot water) is really tragic after such a long wait. Adding insult to injury is that simplicity of it all (+ ZERO risk factor)… Come on People get in gear : it’s simply embarrassing for a company. Also it doesn’t even track on / off. Seriously? Amazing hardware i’m sure but i’m shocked a company supported by Google can’t get this to work more speedily.


I’m looking to do the exact same thing.
I’ve got the numbers going into Firebase, and now just need at Hot Water boost API function to finish it off.

Is there anywhere where we can vote for the features we need?


Bump! - is there any update or ETA on hot water controls - particularly boost


No update. We always take new feature requests into consideration, but we can’t confirm anything ahead of time, nor do we provide ETAs.

We don’t have a voting mechanism but if you’re interested in a feature, please post about it (or add on to an existing thread) so we can gauge the interest.

When new functionality is available it’ll be announced, so check back regularly.


I also think this would be really useful. I have an alexa and this is more important than setting the temperature during the summer.


Seriously? You consider exposing fundamental functionality of the device to be something that’s a new feature request?!!!

sorry, but that’s pathetic.

I too require this functionality and am amazed it’s not there at the release of a new product, let alone that it’s still not there a year later.

PS One of the reasons I’ve bought the nest is to get hot water control into my smart home setup. I’m not impressed it’s not there (as you might have guessed)


so 10 days go by and still no response from Nest.


PLEASE bring this feature to Alexa. It would be so useful to ask Alexa “Set Hot Water for 30 Minutes” or something similar!


Can we have an update on the progress of the feature request? I too find it surprising that this isn’t already available given the clear customer need for it.


+1 vote for this feature. I assumed it was available when I bought my Nest Thermostat. Disappointed I can’t boost hot water via Alexa.


What’s even more frustrating is other systems do but not only that they actively encourage suggestions on the alexa info page.

Poor show nest. Seems a pretty basic feature to me. When can we expect it?


+1, was really surprised to find out this wasn’t exposed over the API