API for hot water control? (3rd-gen Nest Thermostat)


Bump! - is there any update or ETA on hot water controls - particularly boost


No update. We always take new feature requests into consideration, but we can’t confirm anything ahead of time, nor do we provide ETAs.

We don’t have a voting mechanism but if you’re interested in a feature, please post about it (or add on to an existing thread) so we can gauge the interest.

When new functionality is available it’ll be announced, so check back regularly.


I also think this would be really useful. I have an alexa and this is more important than setting the temperature during the summer.


Seriously? You consider exposing fundamental functionality of the device to be something that’s a new feature request?!!!

sorry, but that’s pathetic.

I too require this functionality and am amazed it’s not there at the release of a new product, let alone that it’s still not there a year later.

PS One of the reasons I’ve bought the nest is to get hot water control into my smart home setup. I’m not impressed it’s not there (as you might have guessed)


so 10 days go by and still no response from Nest.


PLEASE bring this feature to Alexa. It would be so useful to ask Alexa “Set Hot Water for 30 Minutes” or something similar!


Can we have an update on the progress of the feature request? I too find it surprising that this isn’t already available given the clear customer need for it.


+1 vote for this feature. I assumed it was available when I bought my Nest Thermostat. Disappointed I can’t boost hot water via Alexa.


What’s even more frustrating is other systems do but not only that they actively encourage suggestions on the alexa info page.

Poor show nest. Seems a pretty basic feature to me. When can we expect it?


+1, was really surprised to find out this wasn’t exposed over the API


+1 , would have thought it was higher priority.



Seems very odd! I bought device with assumption it is smart all round .

Hot water control is supported on all similar smart heating devices .

The fact that mobile app can control, it must be easy to expose through public API .


I have a solar hot water system heating my unvented cylinder. Effectively it’s two separate circuits heating the same cylinder. During winter and a cloudy day, it can heat water up to 20c. During a good late Spring-early Autumn day, it can heat the whole tank to the safety cutoff at 80c (solar probes are measuring up to 150c!!).

Access to API will allow me to make the most of this free energy with IFTTT, for example:

  • monitor the weather, so if it’s sunnier during the day then only heat the cylinder later on;
  • if little solar heating provided, then enable a boost earlier in the day;
  • monitor if a family member goes into our home gym before breakfast - if temperature in tank is too low, then boost hot water for 30 mins so they can have a hot shower;
  • more control over legionella, so solar can fulfil this need (solar coil is lower in the tank and can heat much higher too).



I need this as well. I can’t believe it’s not there!

come on Nest…


Think I will have to jump ship! What is the point of investing in a system only to still be stuck (over two years later) with still having to use the Nest App to turn on HW. This should have been exposed in the API before it reached the shelves. After all the US can control AC on the second channel so it is hardly rocket science.

It is laughable that the Nest staff assume this is a new feature request. THE SAME CHANNEL IS USED IN THE US FOR AIRCON!!! Why on earth would you NOT expose this in the API prior to launch??? It is fundamental functionality!

Pretty appalling really! No way can I recommend Nest as a decent solution for anyone looking to automate their home.

Apologies for the rant guys! First and last post as I simply cannot believe that as a company Nest have still not actioned this, I read posts prior to the UK Nest release requesting it and yet two years later it is being taken as a new request.


I feel your pain.

It’s not like it would take them more than a day or 2 to implement either!


Just look at all the requests for this feature on the Amazon App review page:

Appalling that this feature isn’t available…

Why is Nest quiet about this? - Why is it taking so long?


Is it because we’re being treated as 2nd class citizens to the USA?

USA nests don’t have hot water control, so perhaps that’s why nest don’t give a damn about enabling it?

Nest API for hot water
Nest Hot Water API

Hi again,
Thanks for letting us know that this is an important feature. Duly noted! We have communicated the extremely strong interest to our development team. The request is in the queue for consideration and will be seriously considered. We value your input, and we do not discuss future schedules or internal planning in this community. Thanks again!

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