API Nest Thermostat related data


Hello, I had a quick question in regards to the limitations in terms of data gathering for a physical Nest thermostat device. After looking at the documentation on the nest developers websites, I managed to make some API calls and gather information about my thermostat, but I was unable for example to make a GET request which would get me for example a temperature/energy report for the last 10 days. Is that a limitation of the data available for a device, otherwise, what would be a good URL to execute a GET request on in order to get that data?

As a follow up to my questions, I was also wondering if there is a way to get some unprocessed data from the thermostat, that’s not formatted at all, since what I am trying to do is to basically compare a cloud computing solution with a edge computing one in a mobile application environment, by taking some unprocessed data and store/process it on the Cloud vs. processing the data using the Nest device and then retrieving it.


Hi macsinte,

Thanks for this question.

Unfortunately, the answers are “no” and “no.” 1) the energy history for the past 10 days is not available through the Works with Nest API, so that’s a limitation of the API. You can only get the current state of the device. 2) And the API only returns JSON.