API to get IP Address, Mac Address or Serial Number for a device


Hi there,

Is there any API I can use to find a device’s MAC Address, Ip Address or Serial Number? The integration I am working on starts from in formation taken from the router. For us it is important to identify that a given device connected to the router has already been onboarded. Any of Mac Address, Ip Address or serial number can give me enough information to determine that Device X with ID Y in the cloud API is actually the same as device Z I see in my router.

Thanks in advance

Rodrigo Ramirez


There is no API for that, sorry. If you want to verify a device on your router is a Nest device, check this article to find out how to get a MAC address for each device: https://nest.com/support/article/What-is-a-MAC-address-and-how-do-I-find-it-for-my-Nest-product


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your answer. When you say there is no API you mean no cloud API? What about a local API in the devices? Our code runs directly on the router so I can call local APIs on the devices if they are available. I wonder, since the Nest App can display the devices MAC, it must be getting it from some cloud API.

Just to be clear, I just need a way to pair the device Id with either its mac, ip or serial number.


Rodrigo Ramirez


There is no official, public API at all to get that information (cloud or local). If it’s not listed on https://developers.nest.com/reference/api-overview then it’s not part of the WWN API.


OK. Understood. Thanks Jeff.