Apple TV App - Feature Request (Camera on/off)


In the current version of the Apple TV OS app if you select a single camera (assuming you have multiple cameras) and swipe down from the Apple TV remote you get a few menu options under “Settings”: 1) Camera (on/off) 2) Enable Microphone (on/off). Neither of these two options actually do anything. I’m currently using TV OS 11.0 (15J381). This should be fixed.

Here’s the new feature I’d like to see developed. I currently have a dedicated TV hooked up to an Apple TV 4th generation and I use the Apple TV OS app to display multiple cameras like a security monitor. What I would like is to have the ability to turn a particular camera on or off. Without having the ability to turn a camera on or off it is prevent me from purchasing additional cameras. The security monitor (TV) I have located in my living room and therefore it prevents me from buying a camera for my bedroom as guest to the house would be able to see my bedroom during the “All Cameras” cycle. Please update the TV OS app so that I can select which cameras (and ideally frequency of said cameras) for when they show up on the app.