Authentication is failing in one wifi network which is not having firewall


Hi All,

I’m facing Authentication issue in my android application with one wifi network even though there is no firewall. This app is developed using nest android sdk. I’m getting the below mentioned error consistently on this network. Its working fine if I connected to a wifi hotspot on any mobile.

BufferQueueProducer: [com.ex.nestapp/] connect: already connected (cur=1 req=1)
12-20 11:49:48.040 2184 3631 E BufferQueueProducer: [com.ex.nestapp/com.nestlabs.sdk.NestAuthActivity] connect: already connected (cur=1 req=1)
Nest Authentication failed with error: The active or pending auth credentials were superseded by another call to auth

Can some one help me with a solution? Its a blocker for me and we have customer demo tomorrow.

I request you to kindly help me with any inputs.