Availability of Nest Aware in Asia Pacific region


Hi Nest fellows,

Is there any roadmap of plan for your company to make Nest Aware available for the Asia Pacific region, i.e. HK, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, etc. We as a developer require some features that only available for a Nest Aware subscription. e.g. taking Nest Cam snapshot more frequently.

Also, though here might not be the correct place to ask, it would be highly appreciated if you guys could answer me whether Nest’s products will be available officially in the AP region. As we are now buying parallel import products which might cause certain underlying risk.

Thank you.




Hi Bill -

Nest Aware is only available in countries where Nest Cam is officially sold. You can see the list of countries here:

It is officially available in Australia, but no other country in the Asia Pacific region. Unfortunately we don’t have a roadmap for future support that we can share at this time.