Brillo(Android Things) OS License fee/cost for custom devices


What are the costs associated with Brillo OS(Android Things)? If I want to put Brillo inside a custom Linux Board, what are the charges applicable per unit(or per 1K units). Where should I get this information?

I understand, this question is irrelevant here. I am posting here as it is connected to Google IOT and may benefit others as well.


Hi there,

Android Things is Google’s platform for supporting the development of IoT devices, and replaces the old Project Brillo. There are no costs associated with it. It is based on a System on Module (SoM) architecture, where the silicon manufacturer designs a small module with CPU, memory, and WiFi/BT all built in, with all the drivers built into a Board Support Package (BSP). As a developer, you can build whatever board you want around the SoM, and you can access GPIO, I2C, SPI, camera, ethernet, etc. But you cannot change the SoM … that is fixed. The BSP is provided by Google, and there is a developer console where you combine your application APK with the BSP to produce a system image that is updated over-the-air (OTA) to your customer’s devices. You can also easily get the latest security updates pushed to your customer’s devices. So Android Things makes producing consumer hardware much easier than before, and you should check it out at … also, join us at our G+ community where we discuss it:


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Thank you, Wayne!
What I understood is when I want to commercialize my product/device there will be no license cost to pay to Google. The only cost is the hardware cost which is part of my product.
Thanks for your suggestion to join Android Things developer forum. I have already joined it.