Can the app URL or tokens be generated dynamically through API and get the dynamic app url thorugh API?


We have Start Live streaming button in our app. On each click of start button we need different app url or tokens for live streaming and get this url in API? is there any API available for this? or can we set timeout for app url to be valid only for 10 minutes and next time we should get different app url on click of start button. Need your help on this. Thanks.

Can we get dynamic different public share URL or set password by using API endpoint?

is it possible to generate dynamic tokens with API call?


If you mean access tokens, no, you only get that during authorization, they are effectively non-expiring and only last until the connection is deauthorized. You can’t get new tokens each time you start/view a livestream.


Thanks for the reply. I mean from nest account i can generate different public share URL’s on click of refresh which i can use for live streaming. In my app for each session or for specific duration(eg 1 hour) i want to generate different public share URL’s from API’s for security purposes. is this possible?


I believe public_share_url is enabled through the Nest website/app, it’s not something you turn on through the API. You can specify a unique name each time it’s enabled but the user has to manually turn it on/off.

The is_streaming field in the API can actively turn the streaming on/off, and that’s only accessible using web_url and app_url while logged into that user’s account (i.e. it’s not public). You can’t change that URL through the API but I don’t know if it generates a new auth string each time you turn that streaming off then back on. You can try and see if it does.


Thanks. I will try.