Complete Newbie questions


Bear with me. My last experience of any programming/developing was on a version of Algol and a little bit of C, way back in the 1980s … so I am approaching this with my eyes and ears wide open …

I installed a NEST Thermostat about a year ago but have always felt there is so much more that could be achieved with it. Here I now am, ready to learn, but not sure if the kit allows what I would like to achieve.

1- I work shifts, around a ten day cycle, not the 7day SSMTWTF cycle that every CH programmer offers. Is it possible to create my own scheduler that could work on individually set repeat patterns?

2- I am about to add a 3rd Gen NEST to another zone in the house and want to access the history data for the HW as well as the CH? Is this data accessible? If not, why not, and when will it be?

3 - The current CH energy history info is very useful, but only looks back 10days. How could I store this and then be able to analyse historical data (for both CH and HW) over, say, a year or two?

Cheers folks…


Yeah you could do it if you managed the schedule on your own and just send mode + set point. You’d need an app or server somewhere that you build the schedule, then send the hvac_mode wait a bit then send set point.

Storage is still limited to 10 days. Keeping it longer would currently violate the developer terms.