Current temperature accuracy


I’ve just started logging data from my Nest and was surprised to find that the current temperature is rounded to the nearest 0.5°C. Presumably the Nest can sense much finer temperature increments? Is there a way of getting more refined temperature data? I am interested in the rate of change (heat loss and heat gain) for my house over time, but the 0.5°C increments means that i cannot efficiently measure these changes over short time steps (eg 10 minute intervals)

any ideas?



Hi -

The API only provides values in 0.5 degree increments for Celsius, and in 1 degree increments for Fahrenheit, it doesn’t get any more granular than that.



thanks for the reply. A shame that you can’t get finer data because I assume that the temperature sensor in the Nest has a greater granularity than 0.5 degrees

Thermostat API ambient_temperature does not match Nest app's ambient_temperature

Would it be possible to add an exact ambient temperature value to the API? I’m thinking something along the lines of “ambient_temperature_precise_f” that could be rounded to the nearest tenth or hundredth.

I have a specific application in mind, but the fact that temperatures are rounded to the nearest degree is very limiting.

If not, can you please tell me if the ambient temperature is rounded using standard mathematical rounding (i.e. 0.5 or greater rounds up, otherwise rounds down)?


We don’t have any plans to change the granularity of the temperature readings in the API or add new temp fields.

This is how the API rounds temperatures, using the Java Math library:

Celsius = Math.floor(temp * 2) / 2
Fahrenheit = Math.round(temp)


Thank you for the clarification! That’s definitely helpful to know.

If there’s a suggestion box lying around the office for future updates, please drop one for more granularity in there for me. :grin: