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The delayed cooling feature for 3rd gen nest thermostat is not doing the primary role it is meant to do. Outside temp is 27 degrees Celsius and targeted internal is 25 degrees Celsius. The nest can never bring the temperature at the location it is placed to 25. It cools for 2 mins and delayed for 5 mins. The temperature remain at 27 or even goes higher depending. Is an API already developed in that topic so that I start with and customize to nest. Thank



Thank you for your question. Have you tried using a custom schedule?

If you want to adjust the temperature using the API, you should be able to. The delayed cooling feature is currently unavailable in the API.



Thanks for rely, Betsy
Yes, custom schedule allow the AC to kick in at the time of schedule but it
goes by design which is 2 mins cooling and 5 mins delayed. I found
something interesting though, if I adjust the temp even to a higher degrees
C, say from 20 to 21, the delayed time goes down from 5 to 2 mins. Is that
not weird? But it not stay like that, next time it follows the same 2 min
cooling, 5 mins delayed unless I manually touch the temperature setting
again. So my question is there any API that can adjust the temperature
every day 2 mins or less.
Thanks again


Hi Aslam,

Apologies, but it sounds like you might be better served by contacting Nest customer support. The underlying issue seems to be that the HVAC system is not working as expected.



Here’s a support article that might shed some light.


I tried,long hours on the phone, finally they came to the conclusion the
thermostat is designed to work like this. They send me a link supporting
their claim, which I already knew. I don’t think there is something with my
HVAC system as with my old thermostat it work perfectly. What I suspecting
is my nest thermostat need one additional wire, the C.
Anyways, thank you for response, and have a good day


Hi! I have had the same problem with my nest thermostat. It keeps delaying cooling exactly the same way and I also spent 3 hours on the phone. I think I’ll end up reinstalling the old thermostat that I had before. It is so frustrating.


Hi, you may be able to find out from these links below, I hope it can help.


We just got our nest thermostat before the hot weather hit. Our HVAC is just fine. The 2 min./5 min. delay thing is very frustrating. I am very conscious about conserving energy and was happy with my traditional programmable thermostat where I could keep the temperature as high as we can tolerate during the hot weather, but rely on it to actually cool the house when we needed it to. Our nest was installed for free through GreenOn but we will now have to pay to reinstall our old thermostat. Very frustrating.


I see same things. sounds like trying to be too smart for your own good.

In my case I have whalen systems, so cooling is really just turning a fan on/off, so this “optimization” is completely wrong.

It would be good to get a better description of what they think they are doing. But turning off the system when it has not reached target temp seems to be a mistake. It is actually cycling the system more rather than less.


If you’re having issues with “delayed cooling” appearing too often, it could be due to issues with power to the thermostat. I would ask your question on Nest Community, this site is focused on the WWN API.

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