Developer Signups closed?


Well they dont actually tell you until you have signed up, but once you do, it says new developers are no longer being accepted. I ordered a nest thermostat a couple weeks ago with the intention of integrating it into my smart home platform. It was just installed this morning by a hvac tech and now im finding out you are no longer allowing developer signups, thus I cant even integrate it into my system and wasted time/money. How long is this going to be closed? Why close a program before you have your new one ready? Already frustrating that I can’t integrate into own local devices without going through the web.


It’s right at the top of the page before you create your developer account, actually:

That said, you can still create a client and use the API, we’re just not performing client reviews or adding new developers to the program (i.e. adding devs/products to or allowing new devs to use the WWN badge).


You should definitely say it’s possible to still get a client api key. I didn’t realize it until now. Before, I saw that notification, and was like, may be it’s time to get a different device. And I have already told everyone not to get a Nest because of that page!!