Developing a "works with nest" device


I’m writing a development proposal for home accessories supplier in order to integrate their products
with Nest’s cloud API … but after diving into the documentation and also going through the
Nest API Tutorial using the Nest Home Simulator I’m running on doubts about if it may have sense
to add Nest Cloud’s API standalone support to a third-party product that "works with nest"
without the need for final customers to purchase the “Nest Learning Thermostat” nor the “Nest Protect” nor the “Nest cameras” … ¿There’s some way to take profit of Nest’s API Cloud interface as a service without the need to use some of the official Nest devices?



Thanks for your question. Your suspicions are correct. The purpose of Nest’s Cloud API is to integrate third-party products with Nest products. Without Nest products, there is nothing in the Cloud API for a third-party integration to use. A Works with Nest integration:

  1. Uses the API to get information from Nest products that are in the home.
  2. Uses that information to enhance the features available in your (non-Nest) device or app.



Many thanks for your quick response!