Direct, non-cloud API?

Is there a plan for a direct, non-cloud API to Nest Thermostats?

I’m an open source developer and use OpenHAB home automation software. Many people prefer direct device communication for lower latency/faster response, and in case their internet connection goes down or they have a non-internet connected building (in a remote location, for example). OpenHAB has a Nest cloud API binding, but a direct API option would help Nest compete with other smart thermostats that already offer such.

The idea behind Weave is local control on the local LAN or Thread network. Until Nest devices have Weave, control will only be available using the cloud API. We’re also working on continuous improvements to the cloud API to improve speed and user experience.

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Is there a planned roll-out date for Weave on Nest devices? Additionally, will all existing Nest Thermostats support Weave? Thank you!

No date announced yet. If you’re signed up as a Nest Developer we’ll send you an email when more info is available.

Could you maybe a bit more more specific? Can we expect in like 3 months from now, 6 months, a year?

Unfortunately I can’t be more specific right now. However I can say not to expect it in the near short term. We’ll have more information in 2017.

Hi, I am new to the community and confused by this discussion. The Nest Weave Overview documentation specifically states that all “Nest products” support Weave and perform the role of router in the Mesh network. I took “Nest products” to mean only the thermostats and indoor and outdoor Cams. I came on here to find out if any of the Works with Nest devices supported Weave. Do Nest products support Weave or not?

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Hello, is there a raw file that we could use CURL or LWP to poll to get read only statistics? I too will not have internet access at all times.

Is it be possible to communicate with Nest Protect locally, i.e. without a connection to the internet, but on a home network?

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any news on this, or possibly even just the ability to have http REST API based on current metrics exposed from the device itself.

if using rest-api you could get the R/O or R/W jwt tokens from the UI on the nest itself, simple addition id say…

it would allow for private use and personal collection of the data internally to our home networks.

if only read only data for now maybe mqtt or Prometheus metric endpoint or just collectd or whatever is the quickest for the developers to accomplish easily without to much effort.

Prometheus metrics seem to be the easiest single httpd/html method

that would allow us to locally record the data for our own systems.

Sorry, I’m confused. I understand that weave is a protocol that worked on the application layer just like coap, mqtt, etc. In this respect I would like to know the specification of the protocol weave (control packet format). Thank you.

I have the same request here. It would be good to have access to either a pathlight_status or last_motion_detected status. This would be to either automate the turning on of lights when enter a room…Or to turn off all lights in that room if no motion has been detected for some time saving even more electricity if you leave lights on when not in that room.

Doesn’t look like this will be possible. As far as I can tell, to add a “device” to the Weave network requires a cryptographic key signed by Nest themselves. Seems unlikely they’d start handing these out to individuals, only verified business partners.

Nest: Maybe developer accounts could have a flag allowing “unsigned” devices to join the Weave network?

Is there any progress on this? I have a nest and I’d like to connect to it with a REST API, but otherwise will have to buy another product and trash the Nest.

Not giving users this option is an utter BS power move.