Does anyone take any notice of our complaints?


Recently got into home automation - most recent purchase (Nest Thermostat) - joined this forum to see if I can further my understanding as to why there is still no facility to control the hot water via Alexa?

I see plenty of interest from people who have invested not only cash but confidence in what is no doubt, a great product and they deserve some answers … I don’t have the time (or inclination) to check every single thread but a cursory ‘dip sample’ is sufficient for a ‘newcomer’ to form the impression that they deserve better…

Please, someone at Nest or those responsible for developing the Alexa Skill chime in and put us out of our misery… better still … get the thing working as it should…


I certainly read all the threads here, but most of the time there’s nothing I can tell you unless it’s been officially announced. We don’t share information about features or roadmaps in progress, sorry.



Oh well, thanks anyway for taking the time to respond to my post


For information of anyone else checking out this thread…

I have now received a reply from NEST…

"Hi ,

Thank you very much for contacting Nest, I hope this message finds you well.

I just got an email from you inquiring about the possibility of using the hot water with Amazon Alexa.

The best way to answer this is by explaining how the works with nest program works. Nest makes the Nest API available to any and all developers who would like to make their products compatible with nest. by accessing this link you can find more details about the work with nest program and how it works.

Developers will then take the API and code it into their own software, choosing what aspects to grant connections to such as the cam, protect and thermostat.

This control goes deeper with regards to the thermostat, as the api can enable connections for home/away assist, heating and hot water, among other nest thermostat features. So when a feature is not able to be controlled by a works with nest product, it is due to the developer of that product deciding not to integrate it in the commands of Amazon Alexa.

I hope that this helps in providing you with an understanding of how your Amazon Alexa connects to the thermostat, but If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to reply to this email and I’ll be delighted to assist you."


Actually, Nest owns and manages the Alexa integration. Also, that response says the API enables connections for hot water, which is not the case. I will check with customer support to make sure they have the correct information going forward.

As for the integration, it uses the WWN API so unless hot water is added to the API, it can’t be added to the integration.



Thank you for taking an interest in this issue.

Your reference to API confirms my suspicion that the coding to support the hot water control function simply isn’t there and this would explain why no-one has been able to develop a third party solution.

I would love to know why Nest didn’t include this function when they initially rolled out their Alexa skill and furthermore, why they still haven’t despite overwhelming interest from their customers?