Does fan_timer_active indicates fan is running?


Does thermostat’s fan_timer_active always indicate if the fan is running or not? Or is it only when user explicitly turns on the timer?

I’ve read over and and I’m not able to tell one way or the other.


Only explicitly when the timer is activated.


Hi @technicalpickles,

It indicates that the fan timer is running after the user turned it on manually or if the fan was scheduled to run at the specific time.
You will also see this as true when the thermostat is actively heating or cooling when the user has_fan.

This article has more information on the fan functionality/ fan timer:


I’m looking at the Nest Home Simulator, and it doesn’t seem to expose setting fan_timer_active. Is that expected? There is just Fan Status which has a warning label (no description), and it seems to go back to off a moment after you turn it on.

I don’t have a thermostat to test how it behaves outside the simulator, unfortunately.