Dynamic humidity control


I have looked through the developer API and there is a command to read the humidity, but none to set the humidity.
In Canada, when its cold, it is often dry. We need to run a humidifier. However, when it gets too cold, the humidity level needs to be turned down so condensation doesn’t occur on the windows.

  1. Is there a feature whereby Nest will turn down the humidity based on the inside to outside temperature differential (competitors do)
  2. Is there an official API call to set the humidity so if the answer to #1 is no, a workaround can be constructed without having to replace our $250 thermostat with the competitor’s?


I’m interested in this too. Obviously it would be preferred to set a dynamic level via the GUI, but is there at least a way to set the humidity level via the API?


Humidity is a read-only field. It simply shows the humidity reading from the humidity sensor. There is no “setpoint” or control for humidity.


Thank you for your feature request. The Nest API currently does not provide this ability. However, I have let our product team know about your request.



I’d say don’t hold your breath, there are threads hundreds of messages long from years ago requesting this feature. I am convinced nest no longer devotes resources to their thermostat or they just don’t care because none of their employees live in cold climates and so few of their users actually hook up a humidifier (probably because of this issue). Anyone in a cold climate would be foolish to consider a nest when eco bee has had this feature for years (and home kit support!), I was an early nest adopter and have regretted it for a long time now, currently considering selling my nest.


Yeah, looks like I’ll be selling my Nest too.
Ecobee here I come!


Is there a way to see if this feature request has actually been entered anywhere? I for one can’t believe that the Nest developers did not simply make ‘target_humidity’ a writeable field just like ‘target_temperature’. This to me is a huge mistake!

I have two Nests and a Nest Protect, I am seriously considering selling them all and moving to Eco bee.

Please advice, should I throw out my Nests and move to a real t-stat?



I replaced the Nest with an Ecobee.
When your developers are in California they tend not to care about frost
buildup on windows.


Nest you really should allow API adjustments for Humidity. I can’t believe this is too difficult to turn on?


Mynestreports.com can control humidity based on outdoor temperatures.


I live in MN and have the same issue, it gets cold and you can’t keep your humidity at the same level or your windows frost over. I solved this with AWS Lambda and some python code. Every hour it queries my account for the local weather and gets the outside temperature. Then does some math to set the optimal percent for the next hour. I which this was build in but was a fun project for me. I also graph the data, this allowed me to see if the humidifer could keep up. It did so I was able to turn up my air exchanger a little more.


You can, I’ve been doing it for a year. I’m no coder so I wont post my whole code but with nest for python it looks like this.

napi = nest.Nest(username, password)
for device in napi.devices:
device.target_humidity = SOMENUMBER


We do not recommend or endorse the use of Mynestreports.com as it is not an official Nest integration and does not use the proper security for creating a Nest integration. Mynestreports.com requires providing your Nest account credentials which basically gives all control of your Nest account to Mynestreports.com.


Yes, Lionel is right. But there’s no other solution offered from nest so the options are buy an ecobee or adjust the humidity yourself.


Perhaps nest can make humidity adjustable in the official API and remove restrictions for 10 day history Saving and then the oath2 can be used


I see people have requested that the humidity be adjusted based on outside temperatures. Why is this taking so long to get resolved?


I’ve been a user of your thermostats since your first pre order. I have them in multiple houses and have built an eco system around you. I’ve been patiently waiting for this to be enabled since 2012 by manually setting the humidity in my home. I’m tired of waiting.
@LionelI do you guys have an official stance on ever doing this? I’m at the point of giving up and moving to another company. This process is standard in your competitors and a standard in cold climates. It’s absurd that you don’t support it.


@redmands I understand your frustration. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to comment on an official stance, also don’t know where this stands. I have forwarded your comment.


I have two Nests at home and have been patiently waiting to use one to control a humidifier in a way that avoids excess humidity when the temperature drops below 20F. After YEARS, Nest still hasn’t done this. That’s just plain lazy. As others have noted, Nest competitors do this with ease. I bought another building last year and installed three Ecobees in it, due in large part to this missing (but simple) feature. I think I’m now ready to just put my Nests on eBay and switch to Ecobee for home as well (especially given the dramatically worse wifi connectivity that somehow now exists). Nest started out as a great company. It is now an unreliable supplier of second rate products.


Nest is based in California.
Ecobee is based in Canada.