Dynamic humidity control


Please provide an update on nests current automatic humidity control features and where a customer can find this in nests technical documentation. The nest technical specification page says that a professional should install if using as humidistat. I plan to have a professional install my smart thermostat with whole house humidifier but it seems based on this forum that automatic humidity control has not been supported after many years of customer requests. Please provide an honest answer regarding nests ability for automatic humidity control features. Then I will decide if to return my nest thermostats,. Which I just purchased. Thanks.


I am hoping for an answer on this as well. Set this up last year not knowing that it did not have dynamic control. I did use the 3rd party website above but really not ideal and cannot do higher level of security on my account to use the site. It is really a pain to adjust manually based on the temperature outside. I guess if need be Ill have to either buy a competitor or put in the accompanying component that does this that came with my humidifier.


@LionelI -
I officially gave up on your products this weekend.
I’ve converted to Ecobee and started to moved my camera system to Arlo and Ring. I’m disappointed and frustrated with Nest. I feel that your company has lost focus on their original goals; innovative, forward thinking products that solve customer needs.
I humbly think you have lost the desire to support your customers and are no longer the leader in innovation that you once were in the market. Other companies are doing a better job at listening to their customers and are doing it at a cheaper price point.