Elecric Time of Use - Heat Pump Balance


My home is an all electric home, so my A/C and Heat comes entirely from Electricity. Here in Southern California we are all being put into TOU, or Time Of Use plans… where power rates depend on the time it is used.

What I’d LOVE to see is a way to tell my Nest to change my heat pump balance based on which TOU Tier I am currently in… For example from 2pm-8pm to use “Max Savings” since electricity is stupid expensive… but maybe roll into “Balanced” at 8pm-10pm when rates drop some… and go full “Max Comfort” from 10pm until 8am the next morning when rates are cheap… This would be such a great way to manage my power and comfort levels!!!


This is something an energy partner would offer in conjunction with Nest. You’d have to see if it’s available in your area. You can find more info here: https://nest.com/support/article/Learn-more-about-Time-of-Savings