Embed a Nestcam snapshot in a website


I would like to include a snapshot from my Nestcam in my personal website (which is served by an ESP8266 programmed in C++ using the Arduino IDE). The snapshot would be refreshed when the page is refreshed.

I see that the API has a snapshot URL method, but it is not clear to me (not a dev) how to use it to embed a snapshot in my website.

Is what I want to do possible? If so, how? Would greatly appreciate some guidance or an example.

This is for my personal hobby use only; I do not have a company (and therefore do not have a company URL).

Snapshot to personal webpage
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The snapshot url just returns an image. So you can embed that image like you would any other image on a webpage.


Well, I surprised myself. Downloaded Postman for Chrome, followed the two Postman example for authentication and get entire structure, got the snapshot URL, and…it works! Yippee!

Follow-up question: the access token expires in 315360000 seconds, which is ten years, so the snapshot URL will work for ten years, correct?


Yup! unless revoked by the developer or the user. Which may happen at anytime