Enable no-audio in iFrame for mobile autoplay


When watching camera in webview on android, user has to always tap on play button prior to streaming to begin. Even with autoplay=1 parameter. I did some digging and found where console outputs the following:
Uncaught (in promise) NotAllowedError: play() can only be initiated by a user gesture.", source: https://video.nest.com/vendor/video.min.js (18)

As i understand autoplay may not be running because of the audio in an output stream. Is there a way to disable audio (maybe add smth like audio=0 to the iframe link?)

Iframe nest video to provide autoplay

Hey hello,
did you find a solution for that? I am experiencing the very same problem



Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a solution for that. This is very annoying but seems like is the only way this can be done. I was going to make an alexa skill that allows me to view the cameras on my TV in a browser window, but this issue renders it all useless, because there is no way I can click play on a TV. I really like nest cameras but this issue making me look at some other options just to see the areas I need to view on TV.


I have been trying to do the same thing but for use in a smart mirror setup. The camera feed comes up in an iframe but doesn’t autoplay.

I tried disabling the audio in the settings on the camera but this doesn’t make any difference and using the ?autoplay=1 command at the end of the url but this doesn’t help either.

I had seen posting on a forum for actiontiles where people had a similar issue - one thought was that the issue might have been the browser?

But for now I’m totally stumped too…


Has there been any update to this? Being able to autoplay is incredibly important for integrating with others.


Not as I’m aware of. Looks like NEST stays pretty quiet about it.