Family account and api access


Hi, I am using NestSharp to connect my app to the Nest Api
and I get this message of Nest that I need to be the home owner. So an other family account cannot use my developed app?
It sends me to this url for more info

Is it possible to use the api with a family account? Or do I need to grant access somewhere?


sorry for the dutch language, but it says that I am not the home owner (because I am using a family account)



Found it, I think… only the owner can add “works with nest connections” So how can family accounts login with the api in order to get my application to control the thermostat. Everything works great when I am using the home owner account…


Only the owner of a location can add remove Works with Nest connections. Anyone who was added to a location as a family member will get that error you are seeing. It’s not an issue with NestSharp or the API, but how family accounts was designed.


So family members will not be able to use 3rd party (mobile)apps… when there is no official app available.


The owner of the account could login on the 3rd party app to grant access