Family Accounts -Are they being improved?


I wanted to post my case to see if others have the same issue, and to inquire about weather Nest is developing account settings further or not.

I have two exterior Nest cameras on my home. When I initially purchased the cameras I gave close family and friends access to these cameras by adding them as “family”. My thought was that the more eyes getting the alerts of suspicious activity the better. It has worked out decently well up to this point. I recently decided to add a third indoor camera to replace an old baby monitor camera that had low quality video. Our toddler just recently learned how to get out of his crib and we need something better. The problem with this is that my wife isn’t comfortable with everyone having access to a camera in the home with such high definition and sensitive microphones in it (particularly a certain family member). I bought and set up the camera not realizing that I have no way to restrict anyone’s access to a specific camera.

I find it really odd that we as the account owners can’t restrict certain access to the “family” accounts. I feel like we should have control over what devices they can see, how they see them (for instance no audio on a certain camera, or no video history of a certain camera etc) and when. Now I am stuck in an odd predicament with this third camera. It’s to a point that I might end up just returning the third, indoor camera I just purchased due to not being able to limit who has access to it. My only other option is to revoke all access to the previous family members (to be fair to everyone) and use the link only style, which is far less effective for our needs. I have seen that some people have said they chose to make a second home in the app and have the second home be only accessible to them. That workaround will not work for me as I have access to another family member’s home cameras already in my app that I need to keep, and apparently we are limited to having two homes in the app.

I’m just curious if this is limited (number of homes allowed, and better account access “levels”) due to technical difficulties, cost effectiveness for the company, or some other unseen reason? This access issue is causing me to seriously question buying future nest products if I am unable to further limit access to them. I absolutely love the nest cameras, the app is slick and works really well, the other products Nest has to offer look amazing as well (doorbell, lock, and upgraded exterior cameras). I just wish that I could grant limited access to other people utilizing the app, cameras are only good if someone is watching them, and the alerts are necessary to let people know when to watch. I really believe that an account hierarchy needs to be established: Admin (full control and ability to restrict access to all devices, as well as add and remove devices and manage subscription), Family (Full access to devices specified by Admin, no adding or removing), Guest (limited access provided by Admin), and Public (view only access limited by Admin). Does anyone else have this same issue? Am I missing something?


Thanks for the feedback. I don’t really have an answer for you because this site is focused on developers using the WWN API, and not product functionality in general.

I would suggest you try the product community: or contacting Nest Support directly: