Feature Request - Quiet Open time duration



I purchased and installed a Nest Secure system today. I quickly realized that I am going to consistently run into a issue when letting my dogs outside through the garage. I have a Nest Detect setup on the door leading from the house to the garage. When I let my dogs outside I pass through the house to garage door, and then the garage to outside door. Same to let them back inside. I prefer to have the alarm set to “Home and guarding” when I’m home and not expecting company.

Now for the issue. After pressing the Quiet Open button on the Nest Detect, I then lead the dogs to the second door leading outside. Once I re-enter the house through the first door, the Nest Detect has already armed itself and begins the alarm countdown sequence. As far as I’m aware, my only option is to walk over to the base and disarm. Now the system is no longer in “Home and guarding” mode. I must then arm the system again and repeat this process every time I let the dogs out.

Please add a function to extend the Quiet Open time limit and allow me to re-enter within the given time without the need to disarm. A per sensor option would be even better. Thank you.

  • Casey


Thanks for the feedback, @gottwaldcasey, but this site is for discussion of the Works with Nest API. I recommend sending product-specific feedback to Nest Support directly or posting it here: https://www.nest-community.com/s/.