French where_id


Hi, In the data from the API, the where_id are not in french.
How can we retrieve them in french ?
How can i transmits the used language to the API request ?


"devices": {
  "thermostats": {
    "....": {
      "locale": "fr-CA",
      "where_id": "o8Z-5WJOsIcsOp8SLEC-M8437crmTKwSXaR8LTWOovmExBvLH65U-g",
      "name": "Dining Room (Salle à manger)",

"structures": {
  "XesGvP_1lpLf0oGoouf2tY7CN2iv_YmI2GoD_JW0tdPFFSZxyuXmRQ": {
    "smoke_co_alarms": [
    "name": "Maison",
    "country_code": "CA",
    "postal_code": "J7T1H4",
    "time_zone": "America/Montreal",
    "away": "away",
    "thermostats": [

    "structure_id": ".....",
    "wheres": {
      "o8Z-5WJOsIcsOp8SLEC-M8437crmTKwSXaR8LTWOovmExBvLH65U-g": {
        "where_id": "o8Z-5WJOsIcsOp8SLEC-M8437crmTKwSXaR8LTWOovmExBvLH65U-g",
        "name": "Dining Room"


Thank you for your feature request. The Nest API currently does not provide this ability. However, I have let our product team know about your request.