Home Simulator and enhancements



Nest Home Simulator creates virtual Nest devices you can use to simulate different home configurations and device states, including sensor conditions and battery levels. The Nest Home Simulator replaces the Nest Developer Chrome Extension, which will be deprecated after June 2015.

New fields in the data model:

  • hvac_state
  • wheres

You’ll use hvac_state to learn if the home HVAC system is actively heating, cooling or is off.
wheres is a new object that contains where_id and name. When a user selects a name for their Nest device, they choose from a standard list we provide, like “Kitchen”, Hallway" or “Kid’s Room”. This new wheres object allows you to read the list of standard device names from a structure or create (write) a new custom name for a space related to your product. Learn more about Nest Thermostat and Protect names.

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For clients created after this release, the user quota is now 50 users. If you want to release your client to a larger audience, you must submit your client and marketing assets to us for review. After you get our approval, you can launch your product with Works with Nest branding.