Hot water API missing


Is there a hot water API?

Seems like basic functionality, it is missing on the
api explorer and external sites like IFTTT


this was asked for over a year ago. No meaningful response from Nest yet.


Anyone from Nest care to comment, seems like a reasonable thing to expect from a product that cost €270 odd euro.

I think I could make a pretty neat app with that functionality


We’ve responded in the previous threads on this:


@jbumgardner, it may have been replied to on another post. But the “reply” is nothing but insulting to your customers. Hundreds of reviews online complain about a lack of API for hot water. And Nest are doing nothing. I’m annoyed at having wasted money on this supposed “Smart” thermostat and incredibly disappointed in Nest for a lack of response on the matter. For goodness sake, sort it out.


No update in 7 months. Many people have asked me how I’m getting in with my Nest. Many people have been told it’s a complete crock of shite due to not having API for hot water, thus no integration with Google Home, Alexa and others.

Your development is truly a joke, matched only my your support on these forums. Good luck for the future with pushing your overpriced, badly supported junk.

I’ve a home with Smartthings hub and devices, Google home, Hue lighting, multiple Fibaro sensors, Logitech Harmony hub, Konnected Alarm & Ring doorbell and even BMW Connected … all playing nicely together so I feel I’ve enough experience of IOT in the home to say your “Smart Thermostat” development and integration is little short of pathetic at this point.


Oh dear, another disgruntled customer but as a newcomer to home automation and having recently purchased a Nest Thermostat, I totally get their views (4225179)… I am also disappointed to learn that I cannot control my hot water via Alexa although I must admit I am very impressed with the way ‘she’ deals with everything else… Dyson air purifiers, Phillips hue colour ambient lights, Sonoff switches and HLT smart sockets. I don’t might waiting for the developers to implement a ‘Alexa, turn on/off boost hot water’… but come on, people have been calling for this for far too long already…


@betsyl and @jbumgardner can we get a latest update on the status of the hot water api development?

Thank you


Sorry, no update. When there’s something to share, rest assured this will be the first place I go to share it.


Seriously, I can’t believe how long you guy’s at nest have been dragging your feet on exposing hot water on the public API. It seems rather pathetic that you would ignore your UK customer base for so long, in fact you seem to put more effort in to responding to ignoring this request than it would take to service the request.

You already have this functionality on your private API for the app to control the thermostat, therefore you already have the code to do this. As a developer who spends most days exposing existing functionality on our public API, I know what a trivial job it would be to do this.

Can we escalate this past a community staff member to a product manager, this is beyond a joke now, at least get a developer to estimate the work so you can see how easy it would be.


Bump any news? Are you guys doing any development on any public APIs for any of your products? I’ve just been reading the forums and it’s like Nest hello… No API, some new temperature sensor… No API and all the same delaying tactics I’ve seen for hot water e.g. we collect your feedback and use it to decide what new features, followed by sorry guys no updates now or ever.


@jbumgardner are you not severely embarrassed yet that such a basic feature is STILL a) not available to developers (even though it clearly exists as your app uses it) and b) not supported in your Alexa integration?

It does not take over 2 years to do something like this, nor is it difficult. If you don’t have time, get an intern to do it!