How can we integrate nest using Firebase 3.5 Javascript SDK?


I want to update Firebase Javascript SDK from v1.1 to 3.5 as v1.1 has many bugs. But the problem is firebase 3.5 is lot more different.

In Firebase SDK v1.1, We use to get reference only by giving URL as parameter.

var ref = new Firebase("wss://");

But in Firebase SDK v3.5, We need following 3 parameters.

  1. API KEY

  2. AUTH Domain

  3. Database URL

    var config = {
    apiKey: “apiKey”,
    authDomain: “”,
    databaseURL: “


    var rootRef = firebase.database().ref();

I have looked into the nest’s documentation and my nest developer account, but didn’t find anything related!

I have following two questions!

Where can I find API Key for nest integration?
Where can I find other two required URLS?


Unfortunately the newer libraries aren’t compatible. The Firebase implementation for Nest is custom and requires the earlier libraries.

We’re working on other options for mobile moving forward, but depending on your use case you can connect using rest streaming for real-time or poll with basic REST.


the earlier firebase v2.4.2 client works fine, but recently got issues with the dependency of the firebase@2.4.2 which cause the application crash.

the same issue has been reported here:

if you are using v2.4.2 firebase, please update the dependency websocket-driver to @0.6.5