How do I become a "Works with Nest" product?



My company is developing mobile apps and devices for IoT and the Smart Home market.

There are three things I’m currently looking for:

  1. What is necessary in order for our devices to be accessed and controlled by other thread devices such as the NEST thermostat?

  2. What is necessary in order for our devices to have the capability to control other Thread/Nest devices?

  3. How do I become a “Works with Nest” product?

I need detailed info, with all the process steps laid out clearly.

Thank you!


3rd party Thread devices aren’t controllable by Nest products yet.

Have you visited the docs yet on how to get started? Please checkout the getting started page which has a developer workflow:


Hi Urman,

So when devices in the market “Work With Nest” it means that they can control the Nest devices?



Yes pretty much. However a Works with Nest partner may have a read only feature and doesn’t control anything, just reads data.


Hi Urman,

My apologies, but I’m not sure I fully understood you.

Are you saying that 3rd party ‘Work with Nest’ devices can only read data off the Nest/Thread devices but in no way control them?

If a 3rd party device becomes a ‘Work with Nest’ device, can it be controlled by a Nest/Thread devices?

Also, how exactly do I become a ‘Works with Nest’ partner?



Hyperlync - this is my understanding:

  • Anyone can create a product that integrates with the Nest API. For example, I could create a doorbell with an ESP8266 chip in it, that when pressed, sends a snapshot from my Nest camera to my phone
  • I could keep this as a test account, limited to 50 users for testing or to just keep for myself
  • If I thought about releasing this for everyone to use, then I would need to check that my marketing and PR materials comply with the Nest policies and get them signed off by Nest
  • Once I’m happy with my code and designs, I can then submit them to Nest for approval

If Nest give me the all clear, the user limit is removed from my API app and I am allowed to use the “Works with Nest” branding on my product

To be clear: There is no difference between the API for a test user, single user or “Works with Nest” product. The only difference is Nest have approved it for use to unlimited people


Hello Evostance, Sorry for asking in the wrong place. I have spent weeks trying to get comunicating with my Nest via Android and ESP8266 unsucessfully. Could you indicate me where to read? o code examples for Arduino to do that? Thanks in advance.