How to handle multiple users with multiple tokens for REST streaming on server side



I am going to implement REST streaming on server side for multiple users, But I can use streaming for single user token. How I can implement for multiple users/tokens at a time.?

I don’t want to use polling. I want use node js for this. If anything better suggest me.

Please help me on this.


Hi @madhu,

The solution here might be implementing Multiplex if you’re building a cloud-to-cloud integration.
If you want more details, you can find them here.


Hi @Luva I have checked out about multiplex feature.
But How it’s possible to handle 1000’s of tokens for REST streaming?

I have gone through data rate limit here.
And mentioned in that suggesting to make one call from each token per minute.

I have to update Thermostat temperature value to Mysql db whenever I receive data from NEST device.

If I have 1000’s of users/tokens how to handle this?
Any suggestion on this?


The rate limit will only apply when you try establishing connections way too many times. Rate limits should not apply in your case if you implement Multiplex properly.