How to manage more than 100 thermostat?


Hi Community,

we have a requirement to manage more than 100 townhomes each having nest wifi t-state from one interface. I have tried to handle one thermostat with one developer account into our Building management software with APIs but handling these many devices would be complex and we are looking for good design suggestion. I would appreciate any help on this.

Can I have all thermostat under one developer account? if yes how can I assign tenant as a secondary user with limited privilege to access only their individual t-state?



A Nest account has a limit of three structures (homes) and 20 thermostats per structure. You can try to put a bunch on the same account and if you want each tenant to be able to access their thermostat online, create a WWN integration that can be restricted to their thermostat (without using the underlying Nest account).

Otherwise they need to have a Nest account of their own with the thermostat that links up to your WWN integration.

So there are ways to do it, but Nest accounts and WWN weren’t designed to handle this type of scenario, it’s more for individual integrations.