How to send audio message by Camera API


How to send audio message by Camera API?


Thank you for your question. The Nest Camera API currently does not provide the ability to send audio messages. The closest thing we have is “has_sound”: true or false, but not the actual sound. If you would like to provide more information about what you want to do, I can take your request to our product team.

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Hi Betsy,

Let me describe my use case, I guess other people may have similar

I use the camera to watch for my dog, I constantly watch for the dog at
work at my tablet and sometimes my dog starts to do something wrong, when
it happens I use Nest Cam app microphone to send a voice message “NO”, when
the message delivered my dog become calm. The only inconvenience is that
I’m sitting in a quiet room and it’s not nice to scream to my phone the
same “NO” multiple times in a day. So, I would like to make a script that
can send a recorded message to the Cam, so it will simplify my life a lot.

Hope it helps and the feature will be implemented. Also I don’t think it’s
hard to implement since the phone app already sends a message to the server
somehow, so I guess such API is present, but it’s not public yet.



Thank you for your feature request. I have let our product team know about your request.



Great, thank you very much Betsy!