How to Update Fan Status (i.e. Turn Fan On/Off) using NEST API



Hi There,

I am trying to update the Fan Status, i.e turning the Fan On and Off using the API’s “fan_timer_active” parameter, However, the API doesn’t seems to update the parameter, Am I missing something or Is there is other way to turn on/off the thermostat fan?

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


Are you using a real or simulated thermostat?

With the simulated thermostat unfortunately there’s an issue that sometimes prevents fan_timer_active from updating. I don’t anticipate that this issue will ever be fixed.

On a real thermostat it should almost always update, though on rare occasions it may not, depending on if the fan is being used for something already.


Also, make sure you’re writing to fan_timer_duration as well when turning the fan on… it needs to know how long it should run if you’re turning it on.



In addition to what Jeff said, setting the fan only works if has_fan = TRUE and Thermostat Read/Write permission is granted.

More info here: