Https:// is unresponsive

#1 is unresponsive. I am new to Nest but not to APIs. I can call the OAuth and get a token but any call to the API endpoint does not provide a response. Even if I just enter the URL in a browser, I get “developer api nest com didn’t send any data” from Chrome.

Am I missing something?


I see the same thing (as well as some users of my app), the API is very slow or totally unresponsive.
My app has been working for months until yesterday.

Can someone from Nest comment on this issue?



i’m seeing the same problem - my monitoring and my integration into home automation seem to have stopped working with “500: Server closed connection without sending any data back” or “read timeouts” - reading some of the other threads also don’t give me warm fuzzies about their API support.


Yes, we’re seeing the same thing with users of our app. Nest API is very slow to respond, and often seeing no response at all.

Hopefully Nest can acknowledge and help!!


so what are we thinking? total deprecation in favor of cutover to weave?

this level of neglect on the dev side of things for such a large ecosystem without any clear communication as to direction and timelines is indeed troubling.

signed up to see about getting some local API access for home automation along with finer temperature and humidity output granularity, but based on reading a couple threads…my current expectations for support and resolution are…depressingly low at the moment.


This problem is happening again. Started at exactly 10:41 Eastern time.

The lack of support and response from Nest is unacceptable. It’s not only making Nest look bad, it’s making our product look bad as well. Especially when our users see error messages because of an unacknowledged problem at Nest!