IDEA: Desktop Notifications for Camera events - Windows & OSX


After getting more and more devices at home in the Nest ecosystem and getting the Nest Hello doorbell.
I am curious about trying a new pet project to build a tool to allow me to get notifications

Some questions

  • Has anyone made anything similar or will Nest HQ be releasing official tool for this (Ring has it)
  • Is there an API to use the Nest Hello common replies with some kind of POST Rest API endpoint?


  • My current thoughts is perhaps to try and work on creating an Electron app (so just HTML & JS) to create a cross platform desktop app that uses the Nest REST Streaming API with the HTML5 EventSource to listen for events received from cameras, such as a person notification or the doorbell pushed, which in turn can create a desktop notification with the Electron JS APIs.

Clicking the notification would perhaps preview the image or GIF in the API response that you get sent with an iOS notification and if an API exists for the doorbell to reply with the canned responses.

Would this idea work and sound useful to anyone else, if so would anyone want to help work on it with me?