Image_url missing from last_event


Hi there,

I’m REST streaming last_events from the camera, but those don’t have the image_url. This is all I get in last_event:

"last_event": {
    "has_sound": false,
    "has_motion": false,
    "has_person": true,
    "start_time": "2018-03-15T18:09:26.489Z",
    "end_time": "2018-03-15T18:09:28.691Z"

I have a Nest Aware free trial as I just bought the camera. I did today order the paid subscription, in case that helps; though it says it activates only after the free trial ends. EDIT1: I found a place to end the trial immediately – now it says Nest Aware “will start when service is confirmed”.

I have camera + images read/write permissions enabled. Every event does contain snapshot_url, which works. But I’d like to try also image_url, because I think snapshot_url provides an image a bit later than when the last_event actually happened… Trying to get rid of this latency.

EDIT2: Now I have the paid 5-day Aware subscription, but the last_events still don’t include the image_url. Those also state that “is_video_history_enabled”: false which seems odd.


Hi, im having the same issue
And another issue is that the last event is not on real time as the mobile app is.

please help!


We’ve had a number of reports about the is_video_history_enabled showing “false” when people have the 5-day Aware subscription… there is a fix going in soon. I’m pretty sure that will solve your problem. I’ll let you know when it’s in production.


The same problem, but my suscription is 1yr. But im still on the first month trial.

Im not recieving any image url.

it is the same problem?


It’s a different problem actually, but there’s a fix going in for that too. So there are fixes coming for:

  • last_event missing
  • is_video_history_enabled returns false even if you have a subscription

When it rolls out to production I’ll let you know, might be another day or two.


What I did now is to change my sucription to the 100.00$ annual and now its working.


@9005140 Good to hear! The fixes for the issues listed above are not fully out to production yet, but they’re coming.


Hi jbumgardner,

Any updates about when the fix becomes available? I am using the trial subscription and want to get the “image_url” from the “last_event”. My “is_video_history_enabled” returns “false”.



I can’t tell you exactly when, but soon.

That said, those who have experienced the missing last_event in the last 3 days, can you try it again and if it’s still missing, message me privately with the JSON output and the exact time you pulled it? We’d like to check some logs around those requests to make sure we’re covering all bases.


Thank you Jeff. I just checked and I can confirm that all the urls are now available in the “last_event” data.

I had another question: Is there any API to get the name of a “familiar face” as it is sent in the notifications? For example if the last_event was triggered by detecting a person and that was a know person, how do we programmatically get the name of that person?

Thanks again,


There is no API for getting the name of the familiar face, you can only tell what type of activity triggered the last event (sound, motion, person).


Are there any future plans for enabling this?