Inconsistency in constraints


According to Nest API Reference minimal value of target_temperature_c thermostat’s data value is 9°C. Minimal value of target_temperature_f is 50°F. But 9°C = 48°F. When I use temperature_scale C on Nest Home Simulator, set target_temperature_low property to 9 and then change temperature_scale to F value of target_temperature_low converts to 48 although it is below given constraints.
Is this a bug on your side?


Definitely odd behavior. Are you seeing this in the UI as well or only in the simulator?

When you set it to 9C, what does the app or show?


In the UI I am able to set 9C, after changing to Fahrenheits value is converted to 50F. After changing to Celsius - to 10C.


Some weird behavior for sure, likely built that way to keep a consistent UX and UI. I’d most likely consider this an edge case that is rare in a production environment. Would be curious to know what you’re building at these extreme temperatures :snowman: :snowman: