Is setting an ETA the right way to manage a frequent changing morning schedule?


My girlfriend and I work on flexible schedules, each day getting up at a different hour. I wrote an app the takes note of the time of the next alarm clock on our Android phones. From that I would like to ensure I wake up into a warm house.

As there is no API to manage the schedule, will be setting an ETA to the time of the alarm clock guarantee a warm house? Or is there a better way in achieving this?

Just setting the temperature at the alarm clock time will only start the heating at that time. Setting it earlier throws the smart feature of the Nest Thermostat overboard.

Thanks for your feedback!


The ETA doesn’t trigger anything on its own, it just enables an integration to take other actions based on the ETA.

So I guess you could use it but you’d still have to implement the logic for when you want to start heating based on an ETA and then send commands to start heating through the API as needed.


I was afraid it would be like that. If so, I would still need to calculate the required time to heat up the house myself.