Is there a way to get Nest camera streams in an iFrame?


I’m trying to stream my nest cams to (it’s an open source magic mirror project). I’m trying to get my cams to show up via an iFrame. So far:

  • the protected stream doesn’t work, “Load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit cross-origin framing.”, (and it requires flash and isn’t great when there really isn’t a “mouse” on the mirror)
  • the Nest API (web_url) and I get a “load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit framing”.
  • the public live stream doesn’t work “Load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit cross-origin framing.”
  • the public embedded stream does work in an iframe.

The public embedded option isn’t great since I’m streaming the inside of my house on the magic mirror. Is there a way to get a private or protected embedded steam that I can get inside an iFrame? If there is not something available right now, is there a process to request it (ideally I’d love a embedded private web_url available so I can just pull it from the Nest API JSON response).

Getting raw video stream from nest cameras

@atwong currently having a public stream is the only way to implement a live streaming video through iframe.
We will forward your request to the team. Stay tuned!


What is available in a mouseless way (doesn’t have to be iframe but that was the easiest to implement). Also is the web_url is the API is the only non public way?


@atwong the web_url is a deeplink to the Web Nest app camera stream and it is not public. If you implement that, then you would need some instance of the Nest app to open up in a browser on the magic mirror.
You could implement a snapshot on demand and grab a snapshot every minute from the camera and display that on the mirror, which could be easier. Or display an animated GIF from the last event.


Any update on this?


Still very interested in an update…?


So so necessary - not having access to the live camera stream makes nest cameras a joke for integrations.