"is_using_emergency_heat" Always Returns False


I’ve noticed that is_using_emergency_heat is always returning “false” for a heat pump even though the Nest Thermostat device is sometimes switching to AUX heat for periods of time on very cold days. Has anyone else seen this?


This occurs on a few of the API values… is_online is another


Yes, I see the same issue - is_emergency_heat never changes from false.


So you have it installed and configured as described here, but when Emergency Heat is actually running is_using_emergency_heat returns false from the API for that thermostat?


That is correct. The thermostat displays ‘Aux Heat’, yet the API always returns false for is_using_emergency_heat. It is installed correctly as the emergency heat is actually on and working.

In my case this is a Nest learning thermostat.


Messaged you separately.

Is anyone else having this issue currently?