Missing last_event Object in JSON


This user does have an active subscription but when GET https://developer-api.nest.com/devices/cameras is requested, there is no last_event object in the returned JSON.

it looks more like this:

    "<device_id>": {
        "name": "Cam",
        "software_version": "217-610040",
        "where_id": "",
        "device_id": "",
        "structure_id": "",
        "is_online": true,
        "is_streaming": true,
        "is_audio_input_enabled": true,
        "last_is_online_change": "",
        "is_video_history_enabled": true,
        "is_public_share_enabled": true,
        "name_long": "Cam",
        "web_url": "",
        "app_url": "",
        "public_share_url": "",
        "snapshot_url": ""

I’m not sure where this problem is coming from. At first I thought it was due to subscription trials but I got an active subscription for my camera device and tried making a request with the new token but still didn’t get last_event object. What could I be missing out?


Hi lp123, sorry that we missed this post, are you still having this issue?


I believe this has been fixed. Any ideas where this issue was from? as I didn’t modify my codebase but now last_event now appears in the JSON.