Multiplex REST Streaming Authorization Revoke


Hi there,

We are setting Cloud-2-Cloud integration with multiplexed REST Streaming connections.
It is mandatory to handle the authorization revoke event.
We haven’t been able to find in the documentation though what actually happens on the Streaming connection if a user revokes his authorization to connect to the Nest Cloud on his behalf.

Is the whole multiplexed connection torn down with a 401? Or is there a special SSE event sent?

Thanks for your help,


If a user revokes authorization you’ll get an auth_revoked event that you can handle. The multiplex connection should stay up, it’s just that one token is now invalid. So adjust subsequent multiplex calls to handle the loss of that token/user.


Thanks Jeff, tested OK. We were missing just the proper event type to look out for.


Sounds good. :+1: It could be a little clearer in the documentation, I’ll look into getting it updated.